WHO Warns Monkeypox Must Be Contained

WHO Warns Monkeypox Must Be Contained,
earlier this week the organization warned time,
may be running out to prevent endemic in countries,
Where the virus is not normally seen,
WHO Warns Monkeypox, director general had this to say about the growing risk.

“The risk of monkeypox becoming established in non-endemic countries is real, It’s clearly concerning that monkeypox is spreading in countries where it has not been seen before. ”


It’s a concern here in the U.S., too the number of monkeypox cases
is jumped to 35 with 4 cases identified in the last 24 hours.
The CDC has already issued a level two travel alert
urging everyone to take extra precautions, while on a trip.

WHO Warns Monkeypox

We should note the numbers are still relatively low though there is growing concern about its spread,
but health experts say not too late to contained.

We should know identify people who are infected,
contact people who have been in close proximity to them and isolate them,
We also need to let people know what symptoms to be aware of fever, muscles body aches and red rash.

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