When is summer solstice 2022

When is summer solstice 2022

When is summer solstice 2022
all right we’re gonna take a look at the summer solstice,
and i’ll tell you what we’ve got the longest day of the year coming up tomorrow,
we’re enjoying the sunshine we’ve got our solar system out there.

we’ve got the earth tilted right, its axis is tilted
and this is the time of year when the earth the earth the northern
hemisphere is tilted towards the sun’s direct light,
so the sun 23.5 north the tropic.

that means shorter days are coming after the summer solstice 2022 our days get shorter,
and this point they’ve been getting longer noticed sunlight earlier in the morning,
we will see the days getting shorter and shorter.

little fun fact out there is that this time of year the sun
and the distance between the sun and the earth are actually farther apart than it is in the winter,
so it makes this shows you how important it is just that tilt towards the sun,
so tomorrow the summer solstice it’s arrives at 5.13 in the morning.

Civil twilight basically the useful amount of daylight is over 16 and a half hours which is kind of amazing
after the summer solstice we start to lose daylight,
For those of you who ask when is the summer solstice 2022 ?
those will happening tuesday.

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