Two Versions Of Monkeypox Are Circulating In The U.S.

New concerns over the monkeypox, outbreak have traced two versions
of monkeypox now circulating in the u.s,
while they’re similar to each other their genetic analysis shows that they’re not linked to each other.

New data shows new york with seven cases,
California with six and Florida with four.
Two of the cases in the u.s were found to be genetically similar to that of a texas man,
other cases resembled the african cases found in Europe.

“They’re both happening simultaneously, which i think reflects the fact that,
we’ve let monkey pox be out of control in africa for an extended period of time
Doctors explain that.

These two monkey pox varieties are simply different members of the same,
family each marked by symptoms including fever, headache, muscle aches, and exhaustion.
Along with the development of a distinct rash, often beginning with the face and then spreading,
to other parts of the body it can spread
when a person comes in contact with an infected animal or human.

Those who study viruses say the window is closing on possible intervention,
a yale epidemiologist suggesting LGBT organizations are the secret weapon,
that at least some of the current spread started with attendees of LGBT events in Europe.

Experts say focusing on vaccinations and outbreak hotspots like Africa is the answer.

The u.s currently has more than 36 thousand doses of the vaccine genios immediately available,
and has asked the manufacturer bavarian nordic to send 36,000 more in,
the meantime, expert recommends using good hand hygiene especially after contact with infected animals or humans.

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