Trump’s Secret Plot Exposed

Trump’s Secret Plot Exposed
Evidence Puts Trump At Heart Of Probe,
Some of the newly released video of the violent attack on the capitol,
and it ran alongside the actual violence,
alongside what the committee is calling a quote sprawling
multi-step conspiracy to overturn trump’s laws.

With evidence of how exactly trump failed as commander-in-chief
that day failed to make any orders or calls to protect the capital,
and evidence that he welcomed violence against the government that
he is supposed to lead against his own vice president.

For those who have been informed
about what happened that violent day,
or who are conversant with Donald Trump’s long ugly nasty embarrassing
history of violent, and autocratic rhetoric and now Trump’s Secret Plot Exposed.

He knew plenty about propaganda and human nature
and that’s what America is facing right now,
the power of weaponized propaganda mixed with violence,
the reasons that people turn back to conspiracy theories to hate to out groups,
especially when they have grievances and this is a challenge.

This is one of those challenges many societies have faced around the world,
some successfully if you want optimism,
if you want to remember that democracies do fail
and turn into something far worse than a rough democracy.

They can turn into authoritarian regimes,
when lies grievance and violence combine to seek permanent power,
well this is one of those times that you know the threat is real.

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