The Big Lie Trump

The Big Lie Trump, The january 6 committee Donald Trump embraced election lies,
and ignored his own top aides as they repeatedly debunked,
his false claims in the days weeks,
and even months leading up to the attack after the election.

Former president instead chose just to side with an allegedly drunk Rudy Giuliani,
who reportedly encouraged Trump to falsely claim he won the election,
Giuliani denies that he was intoxicated.

he denies that he was drinking it all,
former Trump campaign advisor jason miller told the committee,
he saw election night just before Trump went on tv to call the election a fraud.

The Trump campaign used and continues to used election fraud claims to rake in over $250 million from his supporters,
some of those very funds were supposedly used,
for an election defense fund, a fund that the committee says doesn’t exist, even Kimberly Guilfoyle,
she was paid $60,000 from those election fraud for 2 minute speaking.

The Big Lie Trump

The committee’s chair and vice chair appear to disagree over the potential for criminal referrals,
but fellow committee member Adam Schiff says there is enough
evidence for the justice department consider indicting Trump,
the justice department they need to be doing their own investigation,
they clearly are investigating many of the people who attacked the capitol
on january 6 and those who organized or funded them.

The january 6th committee revealed it was made very clear to Trump in the days after the election,
that he had been defeated he lost here’s a reminder of what we heard from Trump,
The Big Lie Trump accomplices back in november of 2020 after he was told he lost.

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