Pope Francis Health Issues Ignite Retirement Rumors

Pope Francis Health issues ignite retirement rumors,
a new announcement from the Vatican is once again raising questions about
whether or not Pope will soon step down as a leader of the Catholic church.

The Pope health concerns are creating a lot of buzz first we saw the Pope in a wheelchair,
and now he announced he’s no longer going on a trip to Africa because of health concerns,
the doctor suggested that Pope rest for his recovery,
it’s obviously raised a lot of questions and while the Pope himself,
has never mentioned anything about retirement.

There is a lot of speculation but those, that follow the church closely say,
as long as he’s mentally still with it, he can still do the job.

Pope Francis seat out ash Wednesday in March and last July,
he was hospitalized for ten days after a surgery to remove part of his colon,
in April the Pope admitted his health has been a bit fickle
and said his knee problem has made it hard for him to walk.

Pope Francis Health issues ignite retirement rumors
first came about in May
that’s when the Pope announced that he was going to be appointing 21 new Cardinals
and he said he was going to be doing it during august
and that’s usually a time when the Pope and the Vatican offices are closed.

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