NFT collections hold strong despite crypto market meltdown

NFT collections hold strong despite crypto market meltdown,
NFT haven’t fully escaped the market rout
this week, the sector hasn’t yet seen
losses on the scale of cryptocurrencies.

Some of the major NFT collections
are holding on a little bit despite severe
pressure in the crypto in the broader markets.

The crypto market be impacted by by the whole market,
the global market. This why NFT collections hold strong despite crypto market meltdown.

NFT prices are going to come way down, they’re lagging a bit behind
the typical the cryptocurrencies, this time there’s still opportunities
to buy NFT that have utility that’s valuable.

What’s going to survive are historic NFTs
with low supply, something like V1 Cryptopunks
and the V2 Cryptopunks.

And as far as newer projects that will survive,
it’s going to be those projects that that
are building partnerships.

Pixel Vault has a new partnership with Major League Baseball in the UFC,
Artifact is now owned by Nike and the
CyberKongz are head down building right now.

Those are all NFT collectibles at this point that they’re significant to tens of
thousands of collectors, possibly even hundreds of thousands at this point,
so those are the ones that will survive.

Celebrities in the NFT space in particular as we see Johnny Depp’s been in it for a while now.
and Jim Carrey bought his first NFT last week.

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