Navarro Pleads Not Guilty To Contempt Of Congress

Navarro Pleads Not Guilty To Contempt Of Congress
lawyers Navarro say they need a lot of time,
this is a complicated case, that there are complex constitutional issues.

they also say that he has a book coming out and
that he wants to do a marketing campaign,
for it that would start in august and last through December.

they suggested to the judge that a good time to start the trial might be early next year,
the government said there’s no need to delay the trial that the facts are very straightforward,
the judge himself said he didn’t think it was that complicated,
so he set a mid-november, trial date of november 17th.

the charge of contempt of congress this is something that bothers,
true that generally speaking in white collar cases, people are given the chance to turn themselves,
in instead he was arrested as he got was on the jet way of an airplane to go to down south for a tv interview,
Navarro Pleads Not Guilty To Contempt Of Congress.

he says that he was denied food and water that the FBI wouldn’t let him call a lawyer,
the government says none of that is true,
the question is of whether he was contemptuous of congress.

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