Moderate Democrats release new plan to combat rising prices

A group of moderate democrats are unveiling a new plan to combat rising prices (inflation).

Moderate democrats are pushing their party to fight harder to combat inflation,
and their new action plan out today targets everything,
from tariffs to drug prices.

The new democrats are the largest voting bloc in the house and include many vulnerable frontline,
members chairwoman Suzan Delbene toldthat voters are tired of gridlock and they want to see results,

“We’ve been very focused on getting bills all the way across the finish line to the president’s desk,
we know we don’t help folks until we get bills through the house through the senate,
and to the president’s desk.”

Suzan Delbene.

So the group is calling on the byte administration to do more,
especially on tariffs on chinese goods,
they think the white house should move aggressively, to get rid of them,
the new dems also support aca premium subsidies the enhanced child tax credit.

Capping insulin costs and negotiating medicare drug prices,
all measures that could possibly be part of a scaled back reconciliation package,
the group spent months working on this plan
and got the input of economists like Jason Furman and Wendy Edelberg,
former treasury secretary Larry Summers has even endorsed.

Moderate Democrats release new plan to combat rising prices

New Democrats, believes new plan to combat rising, that this should be the outline of what they’re calling an affordability agenda,
that could bring prices down and win over voters come November.

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