MG4: Redefining Budget-Friendly Electric Motoring

MG4: Redefining Budget-Friendly Electric Motoring

Unlocking the Power of Affordable Electric Vehicles

When MG made its triumphant return to the European automotive market, it emerged as a breath of fresh air under the ownership of Chinese carmaker SAIC. With a laser-like focus on the often overlooked budget segment, MG set out to capture the hearts of consumers with its revamped brand and innovative offerings.

In the wake of the electrification revolution, MG recognized a golden opportunity and seized it with its latest creation, the MG4. This medium-sized battery-electric vehicle (BEV) has quickly caught the attention of enthusiasts with its alluring design, practicality, and affordable price tag.

Breaking the Mold: Design that Inspires

At first glance, the MG4 shatters any preconceived notions of what a budget-friendly BEV should look like. It flawlessly incorporates the distinctive design aesthetics that define electric vehicles (EVs) in today’s world. By abandoning the traditional front grille, the MG4 embraces a bold and angular focal point, not only accentuating its dynamic style but also enhancing aerodynamic efficiency. The front bumper gracefully extends to reveal two side grills, which house premium fog lights reminiscent of the nose of a 2000s Formula 1 car.

Moving to the rear, the MG4 boasts a sleek light bar that extends beyond the hatchback, forming a deck-like structure that optimizes visibility for the LED lighting system. An angular rear cluster elegantly wraps around the sides of the car. The gloss black C-pillar creates a floating roofline, contributing to a seamless flow across the car’s upper section when observed from the side.

While the side profile of the MG4 may lack some of the elaborate stylistic elements found in its higher-end counterparts, its overall design commands attention well beyond its price range.

Crafted for Comfort: The Interior Haven

Stepping inside the MG4, occupants are greeted with a harmonious blend of comfort and convenience, ensuring a pleasant experience even on long journeys. The 10.25-inch infotainment screen represents a significant improvement over earlier MG models, putting key controls and information at the driver’s fingertips. However, refinement falls slightly short compared to its competitors, occasionally requiring additional pressure on the touchscreen. Most vehicle controls are conveniently consolidated within this system, minimizing the need for physical buttons.

A secondary screen positioned behind the steering wheel provides essential information such as speed, battery data, regenerative systems, and optional turn-by-turn navigation. Infotainment control buttons are thoughtfully placed on the steering wheel, while the flat-bottom design caters to taller drivers.

The futuristic dashboard styling showcases a floating center console that integrates driving controls alongside the electronic parking brake. MG4 owners will also find dedicated phone storage areas, and certain models offer the convenience of cable or wireless charging. Ample storage options are available for front passengers, including a cubby in the lower section of the console and within the armrest.

Practicality extends to the rear of the MG4, where a spacious 363-liter boot easily accommodates a couple of suitcases. Top-spec versions feature a false floor, which proves handy for storing EV cables, especially considering the absence of a front trunk, commonly known as a “frunk.”

While the interior materials may not match the premium feel of their high-end rivals and could be more susceptible to minor marks, the difference is hardly noticeable. Overall, the MG4 provides a pleasant and inviting environment for both the driver and passengers.

Driving Dynamics: Stability and Agility Combined

MG has ingeniously chosen rear-wheel drive for the MG4, resulting in a favorable center of gravity that enhances the driving experience. This configuration ensures exceptional stability, with minimal rocking during acceleration and braking. While there is a slight degree of roll in corners, it is easily manageable and quickly becomes familiar to the driver. The softer suspension effectively absorbs bumps, and the MG4’s responsive steering, aided by the placement of electric motors at the rear, enables a tight turning radius, making city driving effortless.

Unleashing the Power: Range and Viability

With a range of approximately 450 kilometers on a single charge, according to WLTP figures, the MG4 positions itself competitively against its pricier counterparts. As the EV market continues to evolve, concerns about the price disparity between BEVs and traditional petrol or diesel vehicles persist. However, MG is determined to prove that budget-friendly electric motoring is not only a viable option but also practical and enjoyable.

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