Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, Flaunts Grappling Skills at BJJ Tournament

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In an exciting departure from his virtual reality endeavors, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently showcased his emerging grappling abilities. The tech entrepreneur, known for his controversial ventures, emerged triumphant at a BJJ tournament, securing medals in both the gi and no-gi categories. Eager to share his achievements, Zuckerberg posted a series of captivating in-match pictures on his social media accounts. This isn’t the first time the tech giant has demonstrated a strong affinity for combat sports, having been a regular presence at UFC events and engaging in discussions on Joe Rogan’s esteemed podcast.

The tournament, currently lacking a formal name, witnessed Mark Zuckerberg’s participation in the white belt master’s two-division competition. As reported by Jitsmag, Zuckerberg captivated the audience with his mastery of head control, executing a snap down in the no-gi match and a skillfully mounted kimura in the gi match. Guided by coach Dave Camarillo from Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu, the 38-year-old entrepreneur secured a gold and silver medal for his remarkable performances.

Zuckerberg’s love for MMA was first unveiled during an appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience last year. Amidst the pandemic, he discovered a passion for grappling, attributing his introduction to the art to his surfing friends.

“There’s an indescribable primal essence to it, you know… Ever since then, I’ve introduced many of my friends to this incredible sport. We train together, we wrestle together, and I’m drawn to the unique intensity it offers,” shared Zuckerberg in his conversation with Rogan. Since then, he has actively promoted various fighters such as Mackenzie Dern and Khai Wu on his social media platforms. Additionally, he featured former UFC champion Alexander Volkanovski in a Meta advertisement, further solidifying his dedication to combat sports.

The celebrity landscape has witnessed an increasing inclination toward grappling, with personalities like Jonah Hill and Henry Cavill regularly expressing their love for the sport through numerous social media posts. Some celebrities, including Tom Hardy, have even participated in tournaments and achieved remarkable success. Earlier this year, singer Demi Lovato made headlines with her promotion to the esteemed purple belt rank, further highlighting the growing influence of grappling in the public eye.

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