Lightning strike destroys two homes in Montreal

Lightning strike destroys 2 homes in Montreal,
last night’s storm brought a lot of rain to the Montreal area
and it caused a lot of local flooding
but in saint martiola just northeast of Montreal,
the problem was the Lightning strike destroys 2 homes in Montreal,
both houses pretty much burned to the ground.

the only thing still standing are the walls, now the lightning strike first hit this house.
Homeowners saw the flames in the neighborhood,
as he approached and got closer he realized it was his home,
homeowner he’s grateful his children were not inside the house at the time.

the police he said first time i see a fire started by lightning,
and it’s it gives me a goosebumps just to be here,
and they very glad no one was injured.

now people community are already stepping up to help his family,
and people in Montreal are also offering to support a homeless shelter downtown,
they’ve spent much of the morning cleaning up,
they’re asking the public to donate what they can.

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