Juneteenth 2022 second Independence day

This date not only father’s day, it’s our national holidays
Juneteenth 2022 second independence day in the US.
this day is which brought freedom to the last of all enslaved people in the us.

For many black Americans, Independence Day’s is not July 4th,
it’s June 19th the last enslaved people in the US were told they free,
after George Floyd’s death reignited black Americans fight for equality President Lincoln issued.

The Emancipation Proclamation on January 1st 1863 but two and a half long years passed
between enslaved Texans being declared freeto them being told about it.
It news traveled pretty slowly in the 19th century and on June 19 1865 General Gordon Granger
stood on the balcony of a home made with slave labor to read an order that gave an absolute equality of rights, and eluding make a slave black Americans.

In 1968 his Poor People’s Campaign settled on June 19th for its solidarity day rally which symbolically
connected the fight against poverty to enslaved ancestors,
then states have slowly come around to officially recognizing
the holiday Texas fittingly was the first in 1980 marking a day that
late state representative since that,
and now Juneteenth 2022 many people Americans celebrating for this day.

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