Jacksonville Jaguars’ Hilarious 2023 NFL Schedule Announcement Video Unveiled



Get ready to laugh out loud as the Jacksonville Jaguars unveil their highly anticipated 2023 NFL schedule in a side-splitting eight-minute video. This comedic masterpiece, released on Thursday night, will leave you in stitches.

Starring the talented actor Asher Grodman, known for his role in the popular CBS series “Ghosts,” the video takes a creative twist. Grodman assumes the role of the Jaguars’ game day script head writer, playfully claiming credit for crafting the captivating narrative of Jacksonville’s exhilarating 2022 season alongside his team of skilled writers.

Prepare for a star-studded affair as notable personalities grace the screen. From team owner Shad Khan to the infectiously charismatic Doug Pederson, affectionately nicknamed “Pug Dederson,” the entertainment value soars. Andrew Wingard makes a memorable cameo as Trevor Lawrence’s stunt double, injecting an extra dose of excitement. Not to mention the special appearances by Jaguars legends Tony Boselli, Josh Scobee, and John Henderson, honoring the team’s illustrious history.

2023 Schedule Release

You can’t write this stuff… or can you?@Dream_Finders | #DUUUVAL pic.twitter.com/UKDuwtpfBB

— Jacksonville Jaguars (@Jaguars) May 12, 2023

Beyond announcing the Jaguars’ 2023 NFL schedule, this hilarious video showcases the team’s playful and engaging spirit. It’s a testament to their dedication to entertaining fans and creating unforgettable experiences.

Prepare for a laughter-filled experience and a sneak peek into the exciting season ahead for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Don’t miss this side-splitting video, a true reflection of their passion for the game and unwavering commitment to delivering memorable moments on and off the field.

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