Exciting Expansion Plans for 2023 Zenith Women Basketball League by NBBF

Exciting Expansion Plans for 2023 Zenith Women Basketball League by NBBF

The Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) is gearing up for the highly anticipated 2023 edition of the National Women Basketball League, proudly sponsored by Zenith Bank plc. With a vision to elevate the quality of teams participating in the prestigious Women’s league, the NBBF has devised an ambitious plan to expand its reach.

NBBF’s Ambitious Expansion Plan

The NBBF aims to enhance the competitiveness and stature of the Women’s league by introducing significant changes. As part of the new arrangement, a total of 34 women’s teams will be vying for supremacy in two Conferences. The Atlantic Conference, scheduled to commence on June 1, will take place at the illustrious Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium in Benin. Later in the month, the Savannah Conference will be held at Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria.

Eight Elite Teams per Conference

Out of the 34 participating teams, eight exceptional squads will advance to both the Savannah and Atlantic Conferences of the Zenith Women Basketball League. These fortunate teams will secure their spots in the highly anticipated elite division of the league. The remaining teams will compete in the Division 1 of the league, showcasing their skills and determination to rise to the top.

NBBF President’s Perspective

Musa Kida, the President of NBBF, expressed his enthusiasm for the league’s expansion plan and emphasized its significance in bolstering the entire women’s basketball scene, with special attention to the Zenith League. Kida highlighted the preliminary rounds as a vital stepping stone for teams on their journey to the elite division. “We will identify the teams that qualify from the preliminaries, and the Zenith Women League proper will commence thereafter,” Kida stated confidently.

Zenith Bank’s Support

The esteemed sponsor, Zenith Bank, has expressed unwavering confidence in the NBBF’s strategic approach for the 2023 edition. Ebenezer Onyeagwu, the Group Managing Director of Zenith Bank, shared his thoughts on the new arrangement, emphasizing the bank’s commitment to continuously improving the competition. “Our goal has always been to enhance the quality of the league with each edition, and we are delighted to witness the NBBF’s efforts in strengthening the Women’s league,” Onyeagwu said.

The 2023 Zenith Women Basketball League promises to be an exhilarating showcase of talent, teamwork, and sportsmanship. With the NBBF’s ambitious expansion plan and the steadfast support of Zenith Bank, the league is poised to reach new heights, providing a platform for women athletes to shine and inspire generations to come.

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