Earthquake strike near Villavicencio Colombia


Earthquake strike near Villavicencio, Colombia

Earthquake strike near Villavicencio, Colombia. The tremor was recorded early morning on Sunday.

The seismic occurrence was documented by Raspberry Shake’s citizen-seismograph network, marking the initial seismological agency to report the incident. Subsequently, the German Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ) issued a secondary report, indicating an earthquake strike near Villavicencio, Colombia classified as a magnitude 4.7.

Drawing from preliminary seismic data, it is likely that a significant number of individuals in the epicenter’s vicinity experienced the tremors. The impact should have been relatively minor, resulting in sporadic occurrences such as objects falling from shelves or broken windows.

In Villavicencio, situated a distance away from the epicenter, residents in Restrepo and Cumaral would have perceived the quake as gentle shaking.

Communities located 25 km from the epicenter, including Acacias, San Martin, Granada, Puerto Lopez, and Bogota, may have experienced mild vibrations.

In other nearby towns and cities, such as Soacha and Fusagasuga, the earthquake might have been barely noticeable, manifesting as extremely faint tremors.

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