Earthquake has hit the eastern part of Afghanistan

Earthquake has hit Afghanistan taking lives and injuring many others,
1.24 A.M on Wednesday local time a massive earthquake
hit the eastern part of Afghanistan it near the border with Pakistan.

The magnitude of the earthquake is 5.9 according 
to the European mediterranean seismological center.
They revised its initial estimate of 6.1,
the quake taking lives around 1,000 and 
has left around 1,500 injured.

Those at the site the epicenter of the tremor 
was about 37 kilometers from the city of coast, 
the quake was strong enough to be felt across the country.

Earthquake has hit Afghanistan,
authorities have launched a rescue operation 
with helicopters,
when the quakes dropped, Many houses were destroyed because of the earthquake that time.

Authorities added that it would take some time
to collect more details, 
as some of the villagers are in remote areas in the mountains.

The authorities for disaster management said 
the government will be giving out relief fund,
a spokesman of Afghanistan’s foreign ministry 
said it would welcome international help.

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