CZ saying Crypto Showing Normal Market Behavior

CZ think it’s pretty normal for markets to go up and down,
it’s just normal market fluctuations, he see this in stock markets too,
Netflix is down 70 percent, as well so it’s just part of a normal market behavior.
and Crypto Showing Normal Market Behavior.

this is not the first bull cycle that binance is going through,
this will be my personally third of beer cycle,
Binance have always been quite frugal on spendings doing bull markets.

He not saying spending is bad doing broad markets,
those advertising those large deals stadium naming rights,
those are great, in contrast Binance didn’t do that.

When other companies are doing laying offs now,
actually the best time to hire at the same time now is also the best time to do mergers, and acquisitions,
now in a bear market a lot of good deals on the table,
this why CZ saying Crypto Showing Normal Market Behavior.

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