Crypto winter comes to Miami

Crypto winter comes to Miami, Crypto investors in Miami are now feeling the pain as prices go BUST
Miami investors have been sobered by the price declines,
most say they’re still in it for the long.

Younger investors have really been caught on their heels,
and shocked at just how quickly the price of digital currencies,
and digital collectibles like the ones.

Bull market miami’s crypto bowl outside of Miami-dade college,
was one symbol of that hype there was even miami coin the city’s namesake cryptocurrency,
now down about 95 percent trading at a fraction of a penny, and now Crypto winter comes to Miami.

Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez talked about it as a potential alternative,
to taxes at one point he did say while the project brought a 5 million dollar
windfall to the city it’s still a first generation technology and that comes with some risks.

Crypto has also taken the real estate market by storm in miami
people are paying for luxury apartments in cryptocurrency including these buildings,
but crypto winter is putting a freeze on some of those deals.

And then there’s Miami’s nightlife Eleven a club here that charges at least,
$50,000 for a table takes crypto and even minted its own nft,
the club tells hey’re seeing a slow down but it could be other
factors like the slowdown we’re seeing in conference season.

This downturn has flushed out a lot of the leverage in the system,
that happen with Luna and Terra and then Celsius so some of the riskier interest bearing projects are falling apart right now.

One thing that might surprise people,
the industry here now wants regulation talks about it a lot,
and they say it’s now needed for investors to feel safe again holding their money in crypto.

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