Bitcoin Recovers After Weekend Slump

Market update as there is a recovery,
Bitcoin Recovers After Weekend Slump.
Bitcoin heads above $20,000 Monday June 20
after falling as low as $17,700 on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Ethereum jumped 14% in 24 hour
after dipping to less than $900
and changed hands over $1,000.
Dogecoin is another bright spot,
earning 12% until Monday morning.

That’s after Elon Musk said
Will keep supporting and buying crypto.
Musk’s remarks come the day after the complaint
seeking action against
Tesla and CEO of SpaceX, the company is
filed charges of manipulation of the price of Dogecoin.

The crypto market was back in the green Monday
morning with Dogecoin’s among the winners
after a boost from Musk,
And this is very good news for crypto holders around the world.

However, concerns about the crypto winter persist
with a total global crypto market cap below
US$1 trillion for the 7 day.

At around $20,000 for Bitcoin and
$1000 for Etherium is some of
of a resistance level or support level.

There is a CME gap level at $18,500,
and historically, 90% of these are filled,
so we might see that are like down there,
this, after all, is crypto rising,
Bitcoin Recovers After Weekend Slump.

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